Serenoa Repens Hair Loss Capsules

Saw Palmetto extract capsules

Saw Palmetto extract capsules.

For those who don’t know serenoa repens is saw palmetto the all natural herb for treating hair loss. Although there are many of website out there with mixed information about how effective saw palmetto is for treating thinning hair there is a good reason why it’s in the Provillus for men ingredients list. It works! We will show you the clinical studies performed on this controversial ingredients so that you see the facts for yourself.

First of all, serenoa repens capsules are sold just on their own as a treatment for men only and they are very popular, why? because they work! So it only makes sense to add saw palmetto to the Provillus for men formula.

Serenoa Repens Hair Loss Capsules?


These hair loss pills that contain saw palmetto in dosages ranging from 160mg to 1500mg.

DHT Shrinkage

DHT Shrinkage

The recommendation of saw palmetto for hair loss happened when it was discovered that it had effects on DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the by-product of testosterone an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase leading to follicle killing dihydrotestosterone. (note: whilst testosterone is viewed as a ‘male’ hormone, all women have it in their bodies too only in smaller amounts).

And even those women can suffer thinning hair cause by 5 alpha reductase, women should not take serenoa repens capsules because of the known side effects like birth defects and affect on hormonal balance. Provillus for women is a safer more effective treatment that does not contain saw palmetto even though it is a very viable treatment for hair loss in men.

The most important factor when looking for methods to stop your thinning hair is understanding the cause! Depending on what is causing your thinning hair will help you find a more effective treatment option that could include Provillus, prescription medication (caution the side effects) or even hair transplants.

Saw palmetto extract capsules have become a popular treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate) in men and is a certified treatment in many parts of Europe. The side effects during treatment for prostate issues was in fact hair growth on the scalp. Saw palmetto is rich in fatty acids, phytosterols and flavanoids (plant sterols). It also has ‘high molecular weight polysaccharides’ which may help boost the body immune system and can also act as an anti inflammatory.

Also saw palmetto has actually played a part in conventional herbal treatments for several years – according to Wikipedia, native Americans used it to treat urinary problems and conditions influencing the reproductive system, the Seminoles revered it for its antiseptic properties and the Mayans drank it as a tonic!

Provillus for Men are The Best Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules

Buy Provillus in Canada

Buy Provillus in Canada.


Do Serenoa Repens Hair Loss Capsules Work?


Provillus before and after men

Provillus before and after picture.

One study from the University of Maryland Medical Center used saw palmetto for treating hair loss, focusing on 10 men with light to moderate male pattern baldness. The conclusion proved that saw palmetto produced some improvement in their condition. The reason some people have mixed reviews is the fact that there were only 10 participants which was considered to be so few.

DHT is known to contribute to both female and male pattern baldness since it binds to scalp follicle receptors, causing them to shrink. By blocking the formation of DHT, saw palmetto is believed to act in a similar way to the medication finasteride, which is commonly provided for men as the drug Propecia in order to deal with male baldness.

If you tend to tie your hair back on a frequent basis, or put on a weave or extension, then you might be suffering from traction alopecia.

Although the Provillus formula can treat different causes of hair loos there really isn’t any one single hair loss solution that will work for all types of hair loss in fact the only product on the market that can treat many different types of hair loss (but not all) is a all natural product called Profollica.

 Is It Worth Giving a Saw Palmetto Extract a Try?


Part of the reason serenoa repens hair loss capsules have gotten such a reputation stems from the low dosage and it’s being used a single stand alone treatment. The human body is very complex and the hair follicles are no different so to stimulate hair growth blocking DHT is just part of the formula.

Taking a hair loss product like Provillus for men contains saw palmetto the formula along with many other key nutrients that are vital for hair growth.

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