Provillus Side Effects

Provillus side effects list

Provillus side effects list.

Clinical studies have shown that there are little to no side effect while using the Provillus pills. These proven hair loss treatment pills are 100% all natural and report NO side effects at all with the subjects tested.

If you live in Canada you can buy the pills but you cannot buy the topical Minoxidil 5% treatment because of known unwanted side effects with Minoxidil. Health Canada has put a restriction on Minoxidil 5% found in the Provillus for men treatment.

Potential Provillus Side Effects with the Pills


There are none! These are 100% all natural hair loss vitamins that will increase the health of you hair and nails.

Potential Provillus Side Effects with Minoxidil


Possible Mild Provillus Side Effects:

  • Itching, redness, dryness or flaking of the scalp
  • Recurring headache.

Possible Serious Provillus Side Effects:

  • An allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, swelling of your lips, tongue or face
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular or fast heartbeat
  • Dizziness or light headedness
  • Fainting
  • Flushing (warmth or redness) of the skin

If you have selected the Provillus for Women Kits, this includes a 2% minoxidil topical solution that is the only FDA approved hair loss treatment but it does have some reported side effects. Minoxidil 2% is a non-prescription medication and with any medication, there are potential side effects.

Buy Provillus in Canada

Buy Provillus in Canada.

It is recommended that you always consult your doctor before taking any type of vitamins. Although there have been no reported Provillus side effects, if you think you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should stop using Provillus right away and consult your doctor.

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